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Mended's Campaign is Live! To Infinity and Beyond

In line with National Repair Day, we launched our ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ Campaign, which is built on the stubborn belief that good things are meant to last not just a season but to infinity and beyond. The name of the campaign is inspired by the favourite classic ‘Toy Story’. “To Infinity and Beyond!” is Buzz Lightyear’s famous catchphrase representing limitless possibilities. The phrase relates to jeans too. Whether you give them away, or wear them yourself, there are limitless possibilities to extend the lifetime of unused or broken jeans.

900 Jeans to celebrate Utrecht 900

The campaign celebrates Utrecht’s 900th birthday with the goal to extend the lifetime of 900 jeans. The residents of Utrecht are called upon to give their jeans a new lease of life by having them repaired, altered, or donated. Most (if not all) of us have a pile of jeans in our wardrobes sitting unused for many reasons- they are broken, don’t fit, or no longer your style. The list goes on but one thing is certain: tackling that pile is usually the last thing on our ‘to do’ list. This campaign drives action and makes extending the lifetime of your jeans as convenient as buying something new.

Calling all residents of Utrecht

Utrecht residents 'book' their repairs or alterations via and choose a suitable time for the jeans to be picked up at home (or at work) and delivered back to them. Alternatively, they can deliver the jeans themselves to the participating Utrecht tailors. At the time of collection or delivery, Utrecht residents can also bring jeans for donation, or they can drop them off at designated donation bins in the Neude Library. To completely tie the circle, all the donated jeans will go to De Clothing Bank Utrecht and be given a new lease of life!

Win jeans from your favourite Dutchie!

The campaign is supported by Dutch celebrities from Kim Feenstra to Froukje de Both, Daan Boom to Katja Herbers and more.

Their participation in this campaign aims to break through the old fashioned stereotypes surrounding repair and alteration, and pushes the idea that mended clothes are better than new. Mended's local tailors repair their broken jeans so others can win them and give them a new life.

These jeans have appeared on film sets, skate ramps, and stages, getting tears and scrapes along the way. Mended had them patched up for lucky winners to wear them again, it's a win-win! Psst keep an eye out for more names being added to the list.

As easy as buying something new

The campaign also gives Utrecht's tailors the deserved recognition. Going to the tailor is a wonderful centuries-old craft that has not changed much over the years, but as the world has become more digitalised, slowly this tradition has been lost. Wearing, re-wearing, and repairing clothes is crucial for the planet and sustainability, and so is the presence of tailors. Buying something new is easier and in a world where you can order almost everything online, up until now the tailor was not accessible online. This campaign changes that, making repairs and alterations available to everyone from Utrecht's tailors - our local heroes!

So fellow Utrechters, what are you waiting for?Let's keep those jeans in action for not just a season but to infinity and beyond!

Not in Utrecht but want to get involved ?

One city can start a shift that shifts everything, but this is just the beginning. Vote for what city we should come to next. In the meantime you can snatch one of our patches that are available on the campaign's website.

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