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MUD Jeans X Mended - A match made in heaven.

Imagine a world where your jeans could last a lifetime, and no matter the rips and tears they gain on the way, you could still keep them in play. Imagine a world where brands took responsibility for extending the life of your jeans long after they left the shop. Imagine owning a pair of jeans that were crafted just for you.

Well, we did it. Click here to learn more!

More time in your MUD jeans

Together MUD Jeans and Mended have teamed up to offer free repairs and alterations for owners of MUD Jeans in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Love your new MUD Jeans but not the fit? You can get them tailored just for you. Do your MUD Jeans need some TLC? You can get them repaired by participating tailors.

The best part? It’s now easy and for free.

Owners of MUD jeans can give their jeans a new lease of life in just a few clicks. Simply choose what needs to be fixed or fitted, drop your jeans to local craftsmen in Amsterdam and Utrecht to let them work their magic, and receive your MUD jeans back to your doorstep. It’s as easy as buying something new! After all, we at Mended believe good things should last, starting with your favourite pair of jeans.

Dirty Denim

The denim industry is renowned for its negative impact on the environment. The production of jeans uses up to 7000 litres of water, 23.45 kg of Co2e, and numerous toxic chemicals. Jeans are typically thrown out before they have reached the end of their lifespan, and end up in landfills. This means that all of the valuable resources used to make that pair of jeans are wasted, along with the pair itself.

MUD jeans do things differently. Every pair of MUD jeans gets recycled into a new pair of jeans, using 92% less water than your average pair of jeans and leaving no waste behind. All MUD jeans are made from natural materials, organic, and recycled cotton, and no toxic chemicals are used during production.

© MUD Jeans

The most sustainable jeans in the world? Jeans, for life.

The MUD X MENDED collab is here to transform the denim industry. MUD Jeans is the world’s first circular denim brand and they are certainly living up to their title by encouraging MUD owners to extend the life of their jeans. The most sustainable jeans are the ones you already own. The jeans that you wear, tear, repair, and rewear, and this pilot is encouraging you to do just that.

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