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Mended - an idea that is making headlines.

Bijgewerkt op: 29 nov. 2022

It started out as an idea on a grey January evening. Daan and Agnes have worked on bunch of ideas and start-ups before, but this one felt different. As they were scribbling ideas down on post-its they knew they were onto something. While this is only the beginning, it's been a thrill to share our story with Fashion United. Onto the next chapter. Onwards and Upwards.

Meet Agnes Weber (left) and Daan Maason (right) the founders of Mended. In a recent interview with Fashion United the pair expressed Mended’s vision: creating a better way to keep your clothes in play. So, how exactly was this achieved? Well, firstly in today’s digitalised world convenience is key, and going to the tailor is no longer the top priority for many people, especially among younger audiences.Mended is a platform that revolutionises clothing repair and tailoring by putting a fresh and playful spin on the outdated practice of going to the tailor. Mended allows users to organise clothing repairs and alterations in the palm of their hand, making it “as easy as buying something new”, saving your favourite jeans, time, money, and the environment one repair at a time. Cool right?!

A better way to keep your clothes in play

Mended changes the old-fashioned repair stereotype by mimicking the dopamine rush of ordering something new when the repaired item is delivered back to the customer. However this time when customers receive their package, instead of supporting fast fashion, existing clothes are restored, bringing circularity back into the system. Mended provides a better way to keep your clothes in play.

Mended’s mission does not only extend to individual customers, but brands too. Brand partnerships will play a huge role in delivering scalability and impact. Mended, in collaboration with a clothing brand, will expand to Amsterdam in the future. While upcoming partnerships can’t be revealed just yet, you can expect first collaborations to be aired in October or November.

Have any jeans sitting around unused? Why not get them Mended.

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